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So who’s going to Cancon 2016 ?

It was final parade time for the items destined for Cancon from Uncle Les’s workshop ! Here’s a selection of what’s in store – and be cautioned, I’ve already received pre-orders for a number of the items here so if you see something you’d like me to put aside please let me know as soon…

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GAF Pika in 1/32 scale

Before I move onto CA23s, AA107s, new Nomads and manscale CA31s ( not to mention a plethora of 28mm AFVs in preparation for Cancon in January) let’s have a quick look at the piloted Jindivik ! Years ago I made a 1/72 kit of this diminutive aircraft having seen the aircraft in the flesh every…

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New M113AS4 in 28mm

**UPDATE 21Jun16**   I’ve updated this entry yet again to say that the M113AS4 in 1/72 & 1/56 is not available at this time and MAY become available when I redo the moulds.  Thanks to all who have enquired or indeed purchased but the run is over for now.  I have many other projects that…

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