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CAC P175 Anti Tank Aircraft project in 1/72.

Here’s something I did a while ago and am considering making just a few more examples before retiring the moulds. The CACATAC !  The CAC P175 1/72 Multimedia kit. I produced this kit in 2011 and it enjoyed a run on ebay and via other sites with all units selling. The following photos give a…

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Cancon 2016 debrief

I would call it a successful foray for the Uncle Les arms manufacturing division as most of the vehicles I took with me have found new homes. The event was huge and more can be seen here. The Uncle Les team arrived late Thursday night for an early set up on Friday as a subset…

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So who’s going to Cancon 2016 ?

It was final parade time for the items destined for Cancon from Uncle Les’s workshop ! Here’s a selection of what’s in store – and be cautioned, I’ve already received pre-orders for a number of the items here so if you see something you’d like me to put aside please let me know as soon…

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Gearing up for Little Wars Canberra

Uncle Les will be in attendance at  Little Wars Canberra for Sunday the 8th of November and coming along will be a supporting force of 28mm & 20mm goodies for sale.  Here’s a taster after tonight’s assembly of what’s made the final draft.   Prices will range from $5 to $100 with many show specials. Uncle Les will be…

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Let’s get this party started.

Welcome to the first entry in Uncle Les’s new web presence. On this page I will progressively upload images of my work, make data available including helpful files for the construction of my kits and of course, provide a means by which you can purchase available kits and finished models.   I’m currently producing 1/72…

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