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Vampire & Venom in 1/32

Some time ago I built a model of an aircraft I had a personal connection with.  Here’s the view from my instrument section window at RAAF WIlliams Laverton back in the day: Here’s a pic of me and my boys with 636 in the early ’90s.   I had a very small part to play in the…

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Building the GAF Nomad.

After another few successful outings, ModelExpo, NAM, SASME, ScaleACT, I figure I can relate some more background info on the models that most have seen as solid objects on tables in auditoriums. What I present here is a potted history of the model’s evolution and there’s some data and links further on in the article.  If anyone’s…

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1/32 RAAF C-130H Hercules – maybe a redux is due…

Many years ago I was commissioned to build a large scale C-130H in RAAF colours ( Specifically A97-010) and only recently I rediscovered some of the old rudimentary “archival” castings I made that would enable me to build another…  an idea I’m seriously toying with. With this initial model I started out with some plans, unrivelled…

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Lead up to ModelExpo 2017

If you’re in Melbourne this coming weekend I thoroughly recommend attending  Model Expo  You can read more about it here as well on Mic Bradshaw’s blog. The reason I’ve been a little slack with updates and posts is that I’ve been busy..  here’s a clue ….full story soon I need to know what interest there is…

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