Cancon 2018. I’m a day out !

It’s that time again for the largest gaming convention in Australia and this year Uncle Les is taking even more stuff for sale than last year..  BUT..  the event is starting on the Friday this year and I got my days mixed up.  As a result I lost a day of pre-event organisation as I will have to hit the road hours after I type this !

There’s going to be new castings available including the 28mm Hawkei Spec Ops, 28mm Humvee with turret and some new 20mm items including generic bush wars AA trucks.  Here’s some pics of what’s packed in the car ready to go.

DSC04349 header DSC03330 DSC03360 DSC03685 DSC04181 DSC04188 DSC04219 xDSC04058 DSC04265 DSC04313 DSC04325

I might even let go some of my award winning models…  I could do with the cash and the room !

DSC01286 b002 16expo591 DSC03920

No lay-by , cash only ( unless you can wrangle a deal with Nic at Eureka )  first in best dressed.

I’ll be located next to Eureka Miniatures in the Southern hall near the entrance.

Here’s what it looked like before the punters arrived last year.

DSC08887 DSC08891 DSC08894 DSC08896

See you there !