Competition season is pretty much over for this year.

.. time’s really moving quickly these days !

I have attended and competed in 6 events since June including ModelExpo in Sandown, NAM in Oak Park, Wings & Tracks in Ashburton, Wings 2017 in Moorabbin, SASME in Adelaide and more recently ScaleACT17 in Canberra with the 1/32 Macchi MB326 achieving commendations, first place in a number of categories and a very encouraging “best of” accolade in a number of categories.  Other models in the 2017 competition team also fared well and all in all it’s been a very successful year.

I will collate all of the Macchi’s achievements when the masters are ready and it will be presented as a kit made from what I would call ” award winning masters” !!  Here’s some random pics of all events ( from the hundreds on file ! )

22448276_1664445906920086_5186004623079711609_n 22448210_1664445793586764_4547055446701725394_n 22406040_1664450443586299_5949790390314106976_n 22310671_1664444786920198_2950016498893201169_n 22310555_1664447696919907_8613843203539901771_n 20171014_164615 20170319_155050 20170319_140105 20170319_140101 20171112_140338 20171112_135829 20171112_135728 20171111_151305 20171111_150810 20171111_150633 20171111_150543