Vampire and Venom in 1/32

Some time ago I built a model of an aircraft I had a personal connection with.  Here’s the view from my instrument section window at RAAF WIlliams Laverton back in the day:


Here’s a pic of me and my boys with 636 in the early ’90s.

1923246_1116821082982_5007133_n 165886_10200204913707795_191347219_n

I had a very small part to play in the aircraft’s maintenance and I became quite fond of it – so much so that I set about to build a 1/32 model of it, and tried very hard to make it as accurate as possible.

The kit purchased to make this was the venerable Matchbox Sea Venom. It had some base parts I could use ( thought I could use ! ) to enable easier construction of what was going to be a major scrtachbuilding effort.


After dividing up the parts for what could be used and what couldn’t it appeared I had the makings of a single seat Venom on my hands. To this end I found there was a company in the UK that offered a 1/32 single seat Vampire model in a vacform so I bought one in the hope that there would be enough parts to make up the shortfall…  alas – no undercarriage, poorly shaped wings ( both being different sizes and crudely mastered) all sent in a flimsy box with no internal packaging thus it arrived in Australia damaged.  Thankfully the canopy was untouched and it was really the only useful part as it stood.  So I paid over $90 for a cople of plastic sheets and a canopy..  hmm… – that company ( message me if you want to know who it was)won’t be getting any more of my dosh.

So I set about building all that was needed to build two deHavillands.

6682_10204765241273134_7092777204761261081_n 580605_10200251756558837_198153099_n 543398_10200284838105855_1639868129_n 190745_10200231585574575_1581738326_n

I wanted to make the Venom closed up and the Vampire opened – to benefit from the many photos I had taken of the insides during my time as a techo.

vampmk35045_zps945a1dec 10383960_10204804532855399_6841126063153858545_n 555309_10200379312227649_2092276153_n 10342438_10204900719580007_6579369140365017836_n

There’s more of these build photos on my facebook album


Eventually I had two 1/32 models, one of an RNZAF Venom and the other, one of my favourite planes in glorious manscale !

10675604_10204897742945593_7088545585698873481_n 10371359_10204900719980017_6803948158987396451_n 558047_10200585249295947_783092740_n 16495_10200585250055966_1274176836_n

More of the story is in detail here


Suffice to say they’ve been out for the odd competition and both have managed to fare OK…

1509006_10207844917823123_1070949475539964266_n 10678752_10204953157810930_763428531234528308_n 11391297_10206821878207772_4777961444735588590_n 11986593_10207585494337698_2665842204836522107_n 18033826_10212702941870688_8490820017142588470_n

I don’t offer this as a kit as it was purely a one-off – but if you are going down the road of building either as a scratchbuild or conversion drop me a line in case there’s anything I can assist with.