CANCON 2017 – Here we come !

It’s that time again for the largest gaming convention in Australia and this year Uncle Les is taking even more stuff for sale.

There’s going to be new castings available including the 28mm M113A1, 28mm Hawkei, 28mm Humvee and some new 20mm items.

DSC08666 DSC08589 DSC06295DSC08797

I’ve made a few 28mm M113AS4, Bushmasters & ASLAVs and these will be available at $50 each at the show while stocks last.

There’s many “one-offs” and I’ll be disposing of some of my competition items.


20mm ASLAVs at $25 each


I’ll have a small air force on standby for the event !


The Congolese 28mm Land Rover club will be in attendance.


I’ll be delivering some commission jobs as well. (you all know who you are)

DSC08838 DSC08828 DSC08820 DSC08800 DSC08795 DSC08776 DSC08753 DSC08679 DSC08624DSC08865DSC08864DSC08863DSC08856DSC08855DSC08852DSC08851DSC08850DSC08474

Last year I took a couple of aircraft and these sold very early – this time I’m taking a LOT of small scale F-Toys premades which are ideal for Wings of War or air support for many small scale games, I’ll also have some of my own work and a ton of unbuilt Dragon, Tamiya & Revell kits. Prices on these will start from $5 for  1/144 single engines WWII types.  Get in EARLY !

No lay-by – first in best dressed.

I’ll be located next to Eureka Miniatures in the Southern hall near the entrance.

***UPDATE 26Jan – I’m set up and ready to go !  ***

DSC08887 DSC08891 DSC08894 DSC08896

See you there !