Uncle Les’s year in scale modelling – 2016

It’s been 18 months since my escape from corporate life and this was the first full year where I relied upon modelling as a means of financial support for my family – and it’s not been easy. Having said that, finances aside, it’s been a very enjoyable year on the modelling front with many projects underway and some culminating in finished products that I’ve been quite happy with.

The most recent that I’m working on right at this moment is the 1/56 Australian light PMV.


I’ll have finished examples of these posted very soon and intend to have them for sale at CANCON which will be the subject of my update.








Here’s a sneak peek 13Jan17

There were many projects undertaken and many miniatures designed, fabricated and finished.

DSC06295 ullitt ul4827 DSC04669 DSC04679 13177729_10209325130347511_2539800819184127986_n

I’ve had success with another project, the 1/32 Winjeel, and I”ve finished two examples, one being sold on commission. I have a good friend building one at the moment  and he’s pointed out some improvements I’ll commit to tweaking the moulds and releasing some examples commercially.

ull7128 ull7112 fb-3 winjweb08 winjweb01dsc07200

more here:  http://uncleles.net/2016/10/07/132-winjeel/

As you can see from the outdoor photos here I had a lot of fun using my customised outdoor tarmac board posed at Avalon and other locations to produce what I hope look like “the real thing”.  Check my previous posts such as http://uncleles.net/2016/08/14/another-photographic-diversion-thunderbolts-panzers/ to see other images.

fb8167 fb8161 f16web03 ull7142 ull7118 ull7099 a012 a008 a5814 a05801 a05776 a05766 cac31 CAC8 Copy of DSC04040 nom2 finn9finn7

Aircraft such as the Pika, the CA31 and a number of Hornets all did well in competitive events across three states.

14705683_1328504907162441_8815732890164339050_n dsc07194 dsc07190 1910176_1327333380612927_2978894388174553573_n cov3DSC04995

I also did a bit of armour modelling and produced a number of 20mm & 28mm vehicles for use with the wargaming community. Attendance at CANCON, Little Wars and various club events kept the ideas coming and the AFVS moving !

web3164 afb03567 DSC03631 bush3d aDSC04209 aDSC04406 DSC04525 DSC04683 ulz4806 ullitt DSC05340 DSC05365 DSC05355 DSC05444 DSC05689 z268 dsc06220 dsc06218

I also dabbled in some other subjects for personal interest:

dsc07248 DSC00683c012 c002 c013 b004 b006 a009 a006 DSC05672 ac5152 20160612_140240 20160612_140246DSC02246DSC02245DSC02239harveyca3113407042_260205331003927_65591071782615667_n

In the coming year I’ll be adding more vehicles in 20mm & 28mm to my range and have another mystery RAAF related 1/32 subject about to be fashioned into plastic from 3D renderings.

I invite you ( if you’ve got this far) to have a good look back through my posts and if you see stuff you like, let me know ! I build stuff to sell but don’t hold stock as such – most of what I make is either by commission or simply won’t stick around long and I prefer to build a subject, make a few, then move on.

I will be creating a page for disposals at some stage as I have a large number of kits from a deceased estate that I’ll need to move. Checkout my ebay link to see what I currently have on offer !

Anyhow, it’s been an interesting ride, thanks for coming along and I hope to hear from you, the folk who read this,in the new year.


Leslie Applebee  31Dec2016