Some photos from the South Australian Model Expo 2016

Here’s a look at some of the models seen at the South Australian Scale Model Expo that occurred over the weekend. From my perspective it was a very successful weekend and my wife and I ( along with the other Victorians in attendance ) were made to feel very welcome.  My congratulations to all the winners and our sincere thanks to our hosts from SAPMA for the great effort put into making it a great show.

…and I scored a couple of gongs..

dsc07324 dsc07323 dsc07322 dsc07321 dsc07319 dsc07318 dsc07317 dsc07314 dsc07310 dsc07308 dsc07307 dsc07306 dsc07305 dsc07304 dsc07303 dsc07302 dsc07301 dsc07300 dsc07299 dsc07298 dsc07297 dsc07296 dsc07295 dsc07294 dsc07293 dsc07292 dsc07291 dsc07290 dsc07289 dsc07288 dsc07287 dsc07286 dsc07285 dsc07284 dsc07283 dsc07282 dsc07281 dsc07280 dsc07279 dsc07278 dsc07277 dsc07276 dsc07275 dsc07274 dsc07273 dsc07272 dsc07271 dsc07270 dsc07269 dsc07268 dsc07267 dsc07266 dsc07264 dsc07262 dsc07260 dsc07259 dsc07258 dsc07257 dsc07256 dsc07255 dsc07254 dsc07253 dsc07252 dsc07251 dsc07249 dsc07248 dsc07247 dsc07244 dsc07243 dsc07242 dsc07241 dsc07240 dsc07239 dsc07238 dsc07237 dsc07236 dsc07235 dsc07234 dsc07233 dsc07232 dsc07231 dsc07230 dsc07229 dsc07228 dsc07227 dsc07226 dsc07225 dsc07224 dsc07223 dsc07221 dsc07220 dsc07219 dsc07217 dsc07216 dsc07215 dsc07214 dsc07213 dsc07212 dsc07211 dsc07210 dsc07209 dsc07208 dsc07206 dsc07205 dsc07204 dsc07203 dsc07202 dsc07200 dsc07199 dsc07198 dsc07196 dsc07195 dsc07194 dsc07193 dsc07192 dsc07191 dsc07190 dsc07189 1910176_1327333380612927_2978894388174553573_n


..and I scored a couple gongs..


Here’s some more pics taken by my wife.

20161015_111526 20161015_111506 20161015_111336 20161015_110308 20161015_110254 20161015_110248 20161015_110220 20161015_110206 20161015_110158 20161015_110148 20161015_110127 20161015_110117 20161015_110107 20161015_110056 20161015_110051 20161015_110046 20161015_110040 20161015_110035 20161015_110022 20161015_110014 20161015_110006 20161015_105955 20161015_105949 20161015_105942 20161015_105931 20161015_105908 20161015_105857 20161015_105850 20161015_105835 20161015_105823 20161015_105815 20161015_105754 20161015_105746 20161015_105720 20161015_105709 20161015_105659 20161015_105648 20161015_105641 20161015_105632 20161015_105624 20161015_105611 20161015_105555 20161015_105541 20161015_105528