NWA Game day, NAM comp and over a thousand model kits !

It’s been a busy few weeks for Uncle Les and his elves ( Wife & youngest daughter ! )

We returned from the Nunawading Wargames Group’s Open day depleted of resin 20mm & 28mm stock but full of ideas and inspiration. The next weekend it was the IPMS swap and sell where more mainstream stock (ie – model kits I’m not going to build in this lifetime aka “stock”) were sold.

Here’s a couple of pics from the Nunawading Games Day.

20160827_150103 20160827_145815 20160827_145704 20160827_145640

I released the first batch of the new 20mm ASLAV-25 and they sold out !  I’m making a new batch and will include the ASLAV-PC this time around. I’m still working on the RWS and their release and sale instructions will be featured on this webpage in the coming weeks.

dsc06219 dsc06218 dsc06220dsc06217

I took some technicals with me as well – I’m looking at having a range of these for sale at Little Wars in Canberra in November and CANCON next January.

That was a couple of weeks ago and in the meantime I’ve been full-on busy sorting this lot – whether to sell, whether to build…..

14264959_1290118057667793_5470092327406297471_n 14222190_1290118171001115_5129824422508004946_n 14212152_1290118227667776_8836955936506532196_n 14212068_1290118494334416_1379798042597118664_n 14199658_1290118124334453_3125010366303815510_n 14141538_1290118307667768_1003650515859512034_n

..I stopped counting at 1232…

Let me know if you see anything you like and if it’s still there we can parley !

The latest news is my foray into competition and this week it was at the Northern Area Modellers annual comp.  I set up a selling table there and parted with a few kits.

There’s heaps of images of the event this year and last year here 

A couple of mine from the weekend are seen here:

nam6 nam9 dsc06506

If you want to know more about this Zen boat – try here !

I also managed half a dozen mentions in despatches !


I may have been busy but I still had time to cast up a few JS-3s in 28mm for a customer. I’ve been made aware of the new Konflikt 47 BA game rules…  I don’t know but maybe I’ll do one of these with a pulse cannon – that’ll disturb the diehards !!


As usual, if you have any questions just drop me a line !