Nunawading Games Day – the night before

Here in Uncle Les’ Fortress of Solitude the elves have been busy making stock ready for the Nunawading Wargames Association Games Day.

Here’s some of what’s on offer tomorrow.

Pre-release 20mm (1/72) ASLAV-25s ¬†(more on that next week ) Seen here with it’s 28mm big brother. There’s some Bronekaters done to order in there as well.

z268DSC06299DSC06295 z267

As NWA are predominantly 20mm oriented I’ve gone all out to produce as much 1/72ish stuff to take with me. The Rolls Royce Armoured Cars were rendered, printed, modified, and cast to produce a hardy wargaming piece that should find favour with the lads and lasses. ¬†There’s a homegrown pontoon bridge there too.

z264 z263 z262 z261

..and not neglecting our 28mm brethren there’s enough stuff to complement any post war skirmish.

DSC06289 DSC06287

I’ll report back after the show with pics and I’ll announce the release of some new stuff.

Until then – happy modelling and/or gaming.