Another photographic diversion – Thunderbolts & Panzers

I’ve been a little busy of late with some 1/32 & 1/72 projects which I’ll update you all on later. Nevertheless, today I took some older models up the road and took some snaps.

First, we have some Thunderbolts. These P47s are 1/32 and were made for a display at ModelExpo many years ago.

a009 a008 a007 a006 a005a a004

Next up, a 1/16 PzKpfw III

This was a Christmas present from a nephew who was mortified to learn I’d deactivated its remote control ability and turned it into a static model !

a003 a002 c014 c013c012 c011

A 1/72 Hummel provided some more AFV content.

c004ff c003ff c002 c001

An Ultramarine managed to sneak in

b007 b006 b005 b004 b003 b002

and finally – yet another 1/32 Nomad – this time it’s an N24

a012 a010n

I had the idea put to me today that I should put together all the CAC & GAF data I have into one repository, be it a book, a page here..   what do you think ?  Write to me and let me know.