..and if you’re on Facebook, I’m featuring some of my 1/16 resin figures on display.


While I wait for some 28mm casts to cure I thought I’d review some of my figurines and consider the next Sci-Fi project.

Pop over and have a squizz.

DSC03184 DSC00683 20160613_113536

Some of my previous 1/16 outpourings.


This is the latest Motoko Kusanagi figurine that I’ve completed – it managed a commendation at ModelExpo and will be competing later in the year at SAPMA

In the next post (which will be a little more weighty ! )  I’ll investigate the wonders of 28mm Chinese APCs,  1/32 Winjeels and where we’re at with the 1/32 Nomad.  If I have anything else of interest on the bench it’ll also be seen at https://www.facebook.com/uncleles1/