Sitrep on Uncle Les’ M113AS4, Bushmaster, ASLAVs & more

A year down the track and we have some updates on some of the wargaming models Uncle Les produces.

A word on colour:

DSC04669  aDSC04400

DSC05355 DSC05366

Firstly, I was asked about the colours I use on the finished vehicles. They are painted in enamel paints with an expectation for some heavy usage as they are usually used as wargaming items – especially the ones that are with the ADF now.

DSC04671 DSC04689

The colours I use on Australian modern armour are:

Humbrol 117 US Light Green – aka Federal Standard 34102

Humbrol 118 US Tan  – aka Federal Standard 30219

Humbrol 33 Matt Black. – aka Federal Standard 37038

a03562  M113As4finf100

For the larger batches I have used matt black enamel from Masters Hardware ( seems to airbrush better than Bunnings) and had the green & tan custom mixed using Dulux paint from Bunnings. When doing a large amount it’s a more economical option to get the paint in 500ml lots BUT, if you’re only painting a small amount it’s a false economy to buy a larger amount as it WILL set in the tin if not used.

Testors enamels do the colours by FS numbers and I use them too when available.

I used custom paints mixed to the same specification for both my 1/32 N22 & N24 Nomads – funnily enough, they’re the same colour as the armour !!

Copy of DSC04026  DSC04987


Secondly, as those who have been watching will have noticed, I tend to work to large orders and build towards events with some items only being available for a short time being limited runs.

To that end I’ll give an update here to indicate where we’re at.

20mm   ~  1/72

M113AS4 – These are no longer available for online sales – I may restart the line in a year or so.  Meanwhile at local events such as Cancon or Little Wars I may have one or two.



Bushmaster PMV  These are no longer available.

ASLAV series  *UPDATE 20 Oct**   I have a dozen up for grabs.  A$22 a piece. I expect these to be gone very soon so contact me ASAP and mention this update.

FIAT 6614 – Available upon request.

Rolls Royce AC – completed and available only to order locally for NWA open day. Note – there are a number of specialised vehicles in 20mm that are being done especially for this day including Indian Pattern ACs and various trucks for the 20mm enthusiasts.

**UPDATE 31 Oct17**   I expect to have stock for CANCON in January 2018 as all I’ve made so far has sold.

CA-23 – long running model that pops up every now and then on eBay.

CA-31 – long running model that pops up every now and then on eBay.


AA107 – new moulds – as of 31Oct17 will be popping up on eBay.

28mm   ~ 1/56

M113AS4 –   All gone.  If I get a large order I’ll redo.



Bushmaster PMV   All gone.  If I get a large order I’ll redo.


ASLAV series  All gone.  If I get a large order I’ll redo.



Centurion    All gone.  If I get a large order I’ll redo.

Chevrolet 1941 truck – only made to order. Contact me if interested with specific numbers. $30 each unpainted or POA if painted.





JS-2  –  Available to order.

DSC03091 DSC03093

DSC02694 DSC05340

**UPDATE 20 Oct** Available @ $50 per unit plus postage painted and ready for action.



n24 (2)  build (5)

CA25 Winjeel –  TBA


CA31 –  Only made to order – $200 per kit

20160613_125814  20160613_152218



CA31 – Master 30% 45%.  Being made to an existing order, if you’re interested drop me a line so I know how many I should aim for.

N22 & N24  Nomad – Revised master 80% – revisiting this on and off as interest (my interest) rises and falls. I might have some finished by the end of the year. Every now and then I release one on eBay in its previous incarnation. Heck, I might even return to the 1/72 variety as well !

I’m very much in a mid mastering phase at the moment with not much stock but lots of half finished projects and modelling commitments not mentioned here to achieve. Seriously, not enough hours in the day !