28mm Bushmaster and Little Wars.

Well folks, the recent weeks of casting furiously  is coming to a brief hiatus as I take a breath and finish a bunch of 28mm Bushmasters.  The masters were done a couple of weeks ago, a preliminary mould was made and a batch of newbies followed.


1/72 Bushie on the left and the new 1/56 on the right.


Applying the non-slip panels.

Here’s the first resin results:

ul4810 ul4809 ul4819

and with a lick of paint:

ul4829 ul4827 ul4824

and here’s a few joining their brethren ready for Little Wars in less than 12 hours from when I typed this.


If you’ve already ordered a Bushie I’ll be contacting you within the next few days, for others who are interested please drop me a line via the contact form.  Tomorrow will be the debut where I can show them to those interested and I’ll work out from there how many I’ll make and release more over the next month.

Meanwhile, in 20mm land, I was asked to build a ZSU57, so between other projects, here’tis

zsu573 ulzsu571 ulz4806

After the dust settles from Little Wars I’ll collect my wits and report on the availability of the ASLAV-25, ASLAV-PC in 28mm, I’ve then got ModelExpo to attend and THEN, I’ll get back to the 20mm ASLAV series.

Any questions ?  Fire away !!

Happy modelling/gaming !