28mm Modern Australian Army Group

I’m calling this order for the ADF complete !   Here I present the story in pictures of how I scratchbuilt a number of vehicle types in plastic to eventually become multiple copies in resin for use by one of our Army’s training facilities .  The good news for wargamers in 28mm is that I will use these same moulds to produce more for whoever wants one or two, of course this will be after I get some aircraft modelling in !   A couple of the surplus may find their way to ebay soon.

The ASLAV-25

aDSC04406 aDSC04405 aDSC04402DSC04533


DSC04594 DSC04626 DSC04613 mag4

The M88 Hercules

aDSC04209 DSC04689

The M113AS4

M113As4112 M113As4118 M113As4108 M113As4116 cropped-as4v492.jpg DSC01264 aDSC04145 DSC04468

The M1A1

aDSC04377 aDSC04400 aDSC04398 aDSC04392

..and the whole lot together before they ship off !

DSC04683 DSC04679 DSC04673 DSC04671 ADF1fleetaDSC04401

If you have any enquiries just drop me a line. I will be releasing numbers of future castings here on the website and on ebay in the coming months and intend to have stock for Little Wars events and Cancon 2017.  Astute observers will have noticed a couple of 28mm Bushmasters in the background – these two are prototypes with the 28mm wargaming edition due out as soon as I can wrangle it.