DHA Glider in two scales.


Article as seen in Aero magazine April 1968

I was contacted by a modeller with an enquiry about a kit I produced many years ago and asked if I would re-release it.  So due to popular demand ( OK – two guys so far..) I have remastered the 1/72 version of the kit and I thought why not present it here with a spot of history and a feature on my 1/32 scale scratch built award winner.








In 1942 a specification was issued for the creation of an indigenous troop carrying glider for rapid deployment in the event of a mainland invasion. The de Havilland factory produced two prototypes and by 1943 six slightly larger production versions reached the RAAF.  Eventually the War was won, the invasion never came, and the airframe was used for other experiments and eventually struck off charge bringing the chapter on Australian troop carrying gliders to a close.

I built one many years ago in 1/72, more on that in a moment, but before that, here’s my 1/32 scratch built example from 2014.  I rendered the wings as a 3D file from original plans courtesy of Richard Hourigan  ( with help from Meg the cat) and printed the aerofoil shape off in four sections.

dhascratch07 dhascratch06 dhascratch04

I then constructed the fuselage “old school” using predominantly plasticard.

dhascratch01 dhascratch02 dhascratch05 dhascratch03

After main assembly the model was primed, undercoated and painted.

dhascratch08 dhascratch09 dhascratch11 dhascratch12 dhascratch13

I assembled a group of soldiers using Airfix multipose figures to emulate the image seen above.

dhascratch16adhascratch14 dhascratch15 dhascratch16dhascratch17 dhascratch18

..and what resulted has competed in a number of competitions in Victoria , SA & NSW earning me places in various categories.


and now back from an extended hiatus…


I have remastered the original two piece fuselage into a single piece and the wings are now a single piece.  I will place a photo here of a kit here soon as stock becomes available.


Below are some photos of a made-up example and if you’d like to peruse the instruction leaflet there’s a copy here

MVC-182X DHg1side

I’m going to make a limited number of these and offer them on ebay between April & May 2016. If you’d like to know more please use the contact form and drop me a line.