CAC P175 Anti Tank Aircraft.. or CACATAC for short.

While I was sorting out the new Bushmaster PMV master in 28mm in virtual space prior to cutting plastic I received an enquiry about a project I did some time ago  ..namely the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation  P175 Anti Tank Aircraft project in 1/72 or CACATAC for short !  The enquiry was borne out of a fellow modeller traipsing through one of my photo albums on social media elsewhere.

The CAC P175 in real life.

The aircraft itself was a paper project created at a time when the need for an anti tank aircraft was envisaged for use against the Japanese in the Pacific and potentially mainland Australia.  As the quality and volume of Japanese tanks didn’t necessitate it and the supply of light to medium attack aircraft was present in the form of Beaufighters, Beauforts and Hudsons the design didn’t leave the drawing board.

It’s use of the Bofors 40mm cannon mounted centrally would have made it an excellent tank killer and its construction based on existing airframes, predominantly the Boomerang and Woomera, meant that production would have been swift.


The CAC P175 1/72 Multimedia kit.


I produced this kit in 2011 and it enjoyed a run on ebay and via other sites with all units selling. The following photos give a brief idea of how it goes together.

DSC00549cacatac5DSC00716 cacatac9 cacatac8 cacatac7

If you’d like to see more about the kit you can download the instruction pamphlet here

If you’d like to obtain one of these please use the contact form and let me know – I didn’t have plans to re-release it at any time soon but if there’s enough enquiry I’ll consider it.  An unbuilt example of the model as seen in the subheading photo would be A$50 plus postage as soon as it becomes available.  If that changes I’ll edit that price here.  For now all you need to do is send me a message featuring the word CACATAC and it certainly won’t escape my attention.


On another note – there’s a JS3 at Eureka Miniatures (along with many other examples of my work) so for the guy who wanted one, you can see it in the flesh if you pop over to Poath Rd.