So who’s going to Cancon 2016 ?

It was final parade time for the items destined for Cancon from Uncle Les’s workshop !


Here’s a selection of what’s in store – and be cautioned, I’ve already received pre-orders for a number of the items here so if you see something you’d like me to put aside please let me know as soon as possible via the contact form.



There’s only six of these left as of an hour ago.


These V100s are 1/72 – I’ll make a 28mm ( 1/56) version of there’s enough of a request for them.

DSC02452 DSC02451 DSC02440

The Centurion and the DUKW are both 28mm and are pretty heavy on the resin.

DSC02441 DSC02443

This T55 was made to order and more could be done like this if the request is made.  I made this tank to suit Eureka Miniature’s Dshk – which can be seen mounted on another example in the previous entry.


More of the same…

DSC02447 DSC02448 DSC02436 DSC02435 DSC02433 DSC02432 DSC02429 DSC02427

and if anyone’s interested in this slightly fictitious long range German siege weapon – make me an offer !