A flurry of activity in Uncle Les’s studio prior to CANCON 2016


Due to a number of requests here’s some rapidly created new items in Uncle Les’s range of 1/56 wargaming vehicles intended for release at CANCON 2016.

Here’s the first ones out of the mould for the T-55 & Aussie Centurion.

h0027 h0026


M10 Wolverines & Achilles were requested at the last Little Wars so here’s the first batch.

h0014 h0003

A cold war truck was requested so I’ve whipped up a rudimentary Russian ZIL130.


g0001   h0002

I’m told there’s going to be a Stalingrad game so I’ve made some German & Russian armoured cars. Seen here is the SdKfz 222 in its raw form as a master and then the final result in resin.

g0000 h0001


There’s other vehicles as well and I’ll post another update with a proper look at all the inventory I’m taking with me.  Here’s some of the vehicles today being prepared.

DSC02349DSC02351DSC02358DSC02353   DSC02356 h0032

and finally, some finished items.

s0027 s0026 s0025 s0024 s0023  s0030s0029

h0033 h0029 

 h0031 x376 x378


x371 x372  x374

and if you’re into intergalactic travel I’m doing a few 28mm stargates with accompanying DHD for sale. I’ll have to ensure the correct DHD goes with its corresponding gate – wouldn’t want any incorrect activations….