Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation CA31 in 1/32 is now complete.





After a burst of activity in between Christmas and New Year’s I can call the test examples of the CA31 in 1/32 completed.  I’m happy with them being fairly good representations of the aircraft as envisioned and for those game enough I’ll make them available after I work out how much production will cost.  I’ll post another entry with a downloadable instruction booklet with a definitive part count.

Here’s what the major parts look like :

132uun 132n 132m1n 132en 13244 132an

132DSC02156   132DSC02159

..and here’s the finished examples.

132DSC02151 132DSC02153

132DSC02146 132DSC02140

132DSC02139 132DSC02134

Here’s the 1/32 guys with their 1/72 brethren.


The masters for the 1/48 version have been started and work will continue in the new year on making these into a proper kit.  There’ll be an entry here as this proceeds

*** UPDATE 7 JUN17 – this item is no longer available***

132 148_n

Meanwhile in another corner of CAC 1/72 territory…..

Copy of UL CA23web20 Copy of DSC02053